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Management System Policy

FRIBASA is well aware of the fact that Quality, Legality and Food Safety are fundamental factors in order to develop a product that meets consumer´s requirements.

FRIBASA also considers respect to the environment as a factor of great importance for the organization.

Therefore, with the following declaration, the Manager Director would like to express in a very specific fashion, the fundamental pillar of the Quality Management System, the Food Safety and the Environment.

The executive management of FRIBASA understands the Management System Policy as an essential part of the development and performance of the firm, alongside the System Objectives, as the main reference model for the company.

FRIBASA´s Management System Policy is based on the following principles:

  1. FRIBASA´s activity relies in a responsible and transparent approach to the manufacturing and processing of food, where the main target is to supply our customers with total safe horticultural products, beyond the minimum legal requirements, achieving a healthy, attractive and high quality product.

  2. FRIBASA considers as a basic objective the complete customers satisfaction, understanding their present and future needs, satisfying the implicit and explicit requirements, thus building up commercial relationships, based on communication and mutual trust.

  3. FRIBASA is well committed in meeting the legal requirements and any other requirement considered by the firm.

  4. FRIBASA has the permanent commitment of:
  • Continuous Improvement in the efficiency of the Quality Management System.
  • Continuous Improvement in the environment security and the pollution prevention.
  1. FRIBASA is aware of the great importance of the human factor in the fulfilment of the above statements, considering priority the participation and commitment of the workforce throughout the company, in order to active the Management system objectives.

  2. FRIBASA undertakes that this Policy will be distributed and understood by all, offering the necessary training of every member of the organization, so they can develop their job and guarantee an impeccable work conditions.

  3. FRIBASA will inform its clients, as soon as possible, of any feature related to the product specifications, especially any aspect concerning the Non Conformities identified by the competent authorities in charge of the product legislation that might have, had or will have any given legal or security product impact.



Rubén Serrano Arteaga

Manager Director